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This is a guide for both aspiring producers and the experienced studio worker. After spending countless hours, or let's be honest - years, learning about audio production and different hardware and software options, reading on the forum, discussing with colleagues, and spending tens of thousands on gear, I feel like saving other people some valuable time and money. So I decided to write this entry-level guide, with relevance for pros also. I’ll actually use this guide myself too, to find and install all the free software I still use(even though I have a lot of expensive stuff also), after a format, or when I buy a new computer.

Feel free to send me tips, if you think I left out something. And also, please note, I use OS X, so the list below is meant for Mac users primarily. And btw, for the pro user, who already has a lot of good commercial plugins, I've added a little ⭐️ to the plugins that I feel have extra value, and that you might want to check out even though you've already spent lots of money on software.




If I had to start from scratch, these are the first plugins I would add to the free ones above.

You may be asking yourselves; how do I get to sound as cool as all the other contemporary producers? The answer is; you have to get the right sounds! Sign up to Splice for a month or two and knitpick your favourite sounds - combine this with ploughing through the Free Samples section of The Bedroom Producers Blog, and you should be set for the next year, if not the next five.

Soundtoys Echoboy If I was to buy ONLY ONE plugin, my choice would be Soundtoys Echoboy. The amount of things you can do with Echoboy is insane - it has a incomprehensible creative palette. Buy through and get a few dollars off also! Soundtoys also deserves an extra mention for frequently giving away products for limited periods of time - so I can recommend subscribing to their newsletter.

The second one that gets a special mention is Waves CLA-76. This is actually a very good plugin-version of the legendary 1176 compressor. On a good campaign-day you can get it for $29! A bargin!

Abbey Road Reverb Plate. Carefully modeled plate reverbs from the actual Abbey Road studio. These actually sound quite vintage for real, and are in my opinion the second best(after UAD) plugin version of plate reverbs you can get! Also frequently at $29 these days.

Toneboosters! This is an incredible bargain! The bus tools pro pack gives you everything you need to produce some amazing tracks. I’d also like to give a special mention to Barricade 4, which is an amazing limiter, that will make your masters hit HARD and LOUD!

Before you buy anything from a company site - check & for offers. They often have insane campaigns.

Ok, so this was kind of my 'best of'-list, and I'll keep updating it as I find new stuff that is worthwhile my harddrive-space. But you can also follow the feed at Gearnews or Bedroomproducersblog to keep updated on all new free audio software.

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